Google’s contractors demand higher wages, equal benefits in a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai


Google has certainly had a challenging time this past year, along with Facebook, both of these top companies lost their rankings as the best places to work. Google especially has had problems arising from dissatisfaction from employees.

It seems even modern cutting edge companies who seek to optimize their employees performance through providing what should be fantastic facilities, are still not immune to these types of employee problems.

It’s the latest in a series of public stands made by Google employees against aspects of the company culture. 

Sundar Pichai speaks of the situation at Google and the “shadow workers”
The talk of the town is that Google employees are not happy with what is happening with the company anymore and seek change.
Jack Poulson was one who worked out Google only to resign and quit the position after a month of unrest among employees.
The employees are seeking better pay and more benefits as well as making claims against the companies core policies.


  1. heard that google is not a good place to work anymore and will soon catch up with them how they have been treating their employees

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