Uber’s India business has topped $1.6 billion in annualized bookings, according to internal email


India has been a top performing location for Uber.com where it has earned an incredible $1.6 billion over the last year. There is a strong hold for the service in India and the demand is increasing, while in other areas of Asia like Singapore, it has had to merge with Grab.com

“Uber has sold off its businesses in other parts of Asia, the company’s India unit continues to grow and reached $1.64 billion of annualized bookings in the third quarter”


  1. everything in India works BIG. if you can do something that is cheaper, get the people involved it will work in a BIG WAY in INdia. lots of opportunity in the country.

  2. Uber is expanding where Grab is not so I think Uber will ultimately win more countries and big ones too, India is like another entire world. Over 1 billion people, they gotta get around somehow…


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