The FAANG stocks shed $140 billion in Tuesday’s market rout


The FAANG stocks are down majorly this week losing a massive $140 billion in value and with no end in sight. While Morgan Stanley recently recommend some of these stocks including Amazon for 2019, it seems the market may be catching up already and these stocks are going down and staying down.

Many thoughts that the worst was over in the market after last week, yet based on what’s happening in the tech stocks this could be just the beginning.

The losses extend pain periods for Apple and Facebook.


  1. they are beginning to get better this week but considr this just a short term correct there is a big crash coming for tech stocks and they will be trading a lot less very soon that I am sure

  2. i am really expecting that these stocks will see new lows. i see that FB is already very low and even with a small recovery because of their buybacks of their own shares still thinj many of these fang stocks will be down to stay for a while.


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