Apple buys a new TV show from NBA superstar Kevin Durant


New show based on Kevin Durant is being purchased by Apple Inc. in the hopes of banking off the stars glory.

“Swagger” is inspired by Durant’s real-life experiences playing youth basketball. Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo (“Empire”), Kevin Durant, and Rich Kleiman and Reggie Rock Bythewood will serve as executive producers.


  1. it’s a cool show and Kevin is a cool cat i will tell you that. I think it’s a good investment that Apple got involved in this one

  2. I love how Apple is always there and ready to take advantage of things in popular culture. They also team up with people like Dr. Dre to make beats and also on Apple Music

  3. I like the way Apple moves with current trends and stays popular among the young people while also providing great products and now good services too. People forget that.


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