Neo Lithium to Argentine Mine Venture “We hope to close a deal by the end of year.”


Neo Lithium hopes to close a $490 million deal for Argentine Mine Venture by the end of the year.

Perez say’s “We hope to close a deal by the end of year.”

Perez, formerly with Minera Exar, founded Neo Lithium after a geologist friend, Eduardo Peralta, stopped by a lake in 2015 while scouting for gold, only to find the water was unctuous and salty. Peralta collected the brine in an empty Coca-Cola bottle to test and later confirmed it contained high-grade lithium.

A joint venture for Neo Lithium would spur lithium activity in Argentina, which has the world’s third-biggest reserves but has been crimped by a dearth of skilled workers and know-how.



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