United launches new ‘premium economy’ class between coach and business for long flights


Many people traveling don’t want to pay the costly prices of business class flights, but would still like to enjoy some of the luxuries of flying. More comfort, leg room and friendly air hosts are all part of the new package, United says.

United Airlines on Monday started selling seats aboard its new premium economy class, a new section between coach and business on some of the airline’s longest flights. Airlines around the world already offer this class of service.


  1. I would upgrade for something in between economy and business. No need to pay for a full business class for a short flight but premium economy, why not?

    • yeah i would totally upgrade to business to because if there is a middle type of offering available then i would choose that but now it is only full business and economy on most flights on Delta. I will switch to United airlines next time maybe, usually fly delta though.

  2. United is always ahead of Delta airlines when it comes to innovating new products and services that clients may like. And that’s what business is all about in my opinion.


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