Legendary Ford faces an uncertain future


Henry Ford would certainly be turning in his grave with where the company has ended up. Now being beaten out by the likes of Tesla, being handed it to by General Motors who are outputting more cars, and being outclassed by Fiat Chrysler.

Ford can't seem to please investors as executives work to turn the legendary automaker around. 


  1. it’s incredible to think that now FORD of all companies struggles so much but I think it is because they have not properly adapted to the new era

  2. Ford i think is actually a good company that is havig a little trouble adapting to the modern times that’s just about it.
    Thing is why don’t you look at Walmart and Amazon the same as Ford and Tesla. Look how well Walmart is doing now it has adjusted to modern marketing methods and really moved online.
    At some point Ford will get better and beat out Tesla in certain market segments. Maybe not at it’s own game but Ford will be there.


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