Marijuana producer Tilray says revenue surged more than 85 percent last quarter


The cannabis stocks are up with Tilray leading the pack in terms of percentage increase in revenue in Q3.

Marijuana producer Tilray reported quarterly earnings that beat analysts' expectations on Tuesday, though total revenues fell just shy of estimates.


  1. can’t wait for my weed stocks to start paying off i can smell that money already and know just what i’m going to be spending it on to celebrate. God. Thank you for Cannabis.

  2. these Marijuana producer stocks look like buys to me. then again it could be a case that theere is much hype in the market around cannabis and cbd, what if that doesn’t actually pay off?

    my other concern is that it seems very cheap and easy to produce weed so why the high prices, surely at some point they will drop and the market will lose it’s edge?


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