TWTR Share Price has Increased, is Twitter a Good Stock to buy now?


Twitter stock (TWTR) has been through a turbulent ride since it’s IPO in 2013.

Starting out as a must-have stock along with other tech and faang stocks like Facebook, Amazon and Google, it was quickly downgraded when it’s advertising platform seemed like it was not going to pay off.

Many investors lost greatly on their Twitter inc investments and many have been reluctant to buy in the stock again.

Jack Dorsey who is also working on another public company, Square (SQ), is also somewhat of a contentious character with many supporters and likewise many saying he should step down as CEO of

Now however that the stock price has made a startling recovery this year and has more than doubled, many say that the stock will keep on rising and makes a good investment to buy in on.

Others disagree saying this is only temporary and the stock price will fall along with the other tech stocks which are currently down in the dumps.

So what do you think, is TWRT a good buy right now, or should we wait and see how tech stocks are being priced in the near future?



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