Now’s Your Chance to Buy Twitter Stock as It Falls Back to $30


If you’ve been eyeing up Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) you soon may get your chance to buy Twitter stock. Although the S&P 500 is still down month-to-date, it is rapidly approaching November highs thanks to dovish commentary from formerly hawkish Fed Chair Jerome Powell, which eased investor concerns that an aggressive rate hike agenda could kill already weakening U.S. economic growth. Twitter stock is down 10% over that same stretch.


  1. TWTR stock seems to bounce up and down more than any other tech stock I know can see why there is no T in FAANG

    Twitter is a unreliable stock but I know some people made big money off it because it goes up and down so much and thse big swings =opportunities. Swing trading.

    • one can make a lot of moneu indeed by investing and buying in the dip of a stock, then selling off when it peaks and buying it again. Do it again and again and soon your initial investment is safe back in your bank account and you are only playing with profit. Good times! And then after that you can begin to buy more stocks and diversify out of just tech and FAANG and into things like energy and agriculture.

  2. Twitter could be an excellent buy. Far better than buying Square which is very overvalued at the moment. Far too much money for what it is actually worth.


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