Audi (NSU) to Take on Tesla (TSLA) at its own Game? Audi Investing in Electric Car Technologies


Audi may be looking to enter the electric car space in a big way. With Tesla showing other companies what the future of cars look like, seeing its success many of the top car manufacturers want to make up for lost time.

Audi is reportedly investing billions in its electric car technology to improve upon its etron and produce better than Tesla cars in the future.

The company is pouring tens of billions into R&D over the next five years for building out electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems.

New Tesla cars, including this Tesla sports car pictured, have gone other big car companies looking to find a solution to stay relevant in this electrical age of automobiles.

The question has shifted from whether Ford and Volkswagen will work together to how far those collaborations will go, particularly as German automakers try to stay on the White House’s good side.


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