Do Elon Musk’s Tweets “Cost” Shareholder Stock Value?


Love him, hate him, you have to admit that Elon Musk is a man to marches to the beat of his own drum.

Whether it’s smoking marijuana live on the Joe Rogan show, or tweeting that the British rescue diver is a “pedo”, who saved the kinds in Thailand , Musk is periodically making headlines for his outlandish behavior and comments on Twitter.

Yet the question is does Elon Musk cost shareholders with these tweets or do they simply serve to build his cult-like following.

It’s true that after Elon Musk pulls one of his crazy stunts like smoking pot – which is federally illegal in the United States – live on Youtube, the stock price for TSLA does go down.

Yet give it a day, maybe two at most, and the stock price recovers and everything goes on as normal.

So overall as much as many shareholders, executives and even friends and family it is reported, would like to see Musk ease up on some of the Twitter tweets and other public remarks, it’s little doubt that will happen…

And no, we don’t think that it has any long term effect on the stock prices of the companies he is involved with.

Despite what some “bulls” of TSLA stock are saying, it is quite clear by looking at the stock charts that long term it is not having an effect on prices.

Recently Elon Musk went off on another of his attacks focusing on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this time claiming he has no respect for the US regulators.

It comes as little surprise then that we now know that none of Musk’s tweets are approved by Tesla before being published.


  1. i actually do think that he costs the company a lot of money because many otherwise investors in TSLA stock and others would be invested if they did not see Elon as a loose cannon.

  2. in many ways it is my believe that just as many people buy in to the tsla stock because of his childish antics as they do sell or not buy it at all.

    I mean look, you want a genius then you need to take all of them not just some.

    Every genius is a crazy person. Not every crazy person is a genius. So let us be thankful we have the former at Tesla.


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