Who Will Be Square’s Next CFO?


Square (SQ) is currently without a substantive CFO after Sarah Friar, who had held the position for several years, left the position on November 16. The departure was unusual because Square had said earlier that Friar would stay on until December.


  1. Sarah Friar was a good CFO for SQ I think and Jack Dorsey needs to put more effort into this company instead of selling six million dollars worth of shares overnight and then going home to do who knows what?!

    Right now: SQUARE = not a good investment to make.

  2. they need someone in the company who will know how to scale SQ and make it something that is used by many businesses all over the world, or they have no chance

  3. someone better than the others Jack has hired, come on Jack we invested for long term returns not pump and dump and that’s what this is beginning to look like, Square is coming down, isn’t it!


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