Braintree Boost to PayPal Stock – $500 Billion in Sales


After being acquired by in September 2013 Braintree has become a major asset to the PayPal company boosting stock prices with it’s half a trillion dollars in online payments.

Based out of Chicago Braintree is a b2b company that helps e-commerce websites sell their products and get paid online.

Now some five years since the company was acquired by PayPal it has just passed a massive $500 billion in sales volume.

Many point to the performance of Braintree as another indicator of the health and long term profitability of PayPal (PYPL)


  1. Braintree was a very good company for Paypal to acquire and i think that in so many ways PYPL stock has benefited a lot from buying this ecommerce payment system. It’s a thing of the future. I also think that buying iZettle was another good acquisition for $2.2 billion.


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