PayPal (PYPL) stock could go even higher, analysts say


PayPal is a great way for everyday people to move money around the globe, and while their fees are high forcing certain companies to move to cheaper alternatives like Stripe, PayPal still leads the industry.

Analysts say that the PayPal stock could shoot up far higher in the coming weeks. Last quarter PayPal reported revenues rising by more than a whooping 20% and the total volume of transactions through PayPal was up by as much as 26% as well as activity among users increasing.

All these metrics point to PayPal being a good stock to watch for future gains in the weeks and months to come.


  1. PayPal is a solid service I have been using it for years and all my friends use it, it is such a simple way of moving money around and paying for things online I think it is the best of it’s kind!

    • i know that pypl is goin to the stars with it’s stock. It just got hold of iZettle and this will change how people pay online!

  2. it will go to the moon PYPL stock is one of the best stocks to own and especially now. Stripe is not public but when it goes to IPO i will buy that too because it is always good to own money moving stocks

  3. pypl is going higher. much higher. its current $50 billion is a low valuation. is already at 20 billion and just think how much better Paypal is and how much larger their user base and reach.


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