Nike (NKE) is Citi Banks “best investment idea for 2019”


Many investors are looking to Nike (NKE) stock prices to increase in 2019 and beyond.

Even with some small losses this year many see that with the introduction of new methods by Nike management the stock could take off again, and soon.

Citi called Nike stock its best investment idea for 2019, and just a few days earlier JP Morgan upped its price target on NKE stock from $81 to $85.

Apparently the two companies are impressed by Nike’s product innovation and new methods.

Nike outlet factory store pictured. Nike (NKE) stock has been down recently yet big banks like Citi and JP Morgan are backing the stock for a full recovery and gains to be made in 2019. Many like the changes that Nike has made in their company.

The new and improved NKE is more than just about design and fabrication, however. Indeed, its most significant shifts may have been the launch of customer-centric technologies at its own stores.

Store employees can now check their shops’ shoe inventories using handheld devices, enabling them to identify which styles and sizes are available in a matter of seconds without ever leaving the customer’s side.

This has had a great impact on sales for the company, because many shoe and clothes shoppers become easily distracted and while the clerk checks the stock have purchased another brand or left.

Now with this new technology Nike (NKE) stock is better positioned with better systems in place to increase sales and revenues for the growing company.



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