Alphabet, Amazon, Netflix, 8 IBD 50 Stocks Are Morgan Stanley ‘Secular Growth’ Picks


Alphabet, Amazon and Netflix are on Morgan Stanley’s “Secular Growth Stocks” list. So are 8 IBD 50 names, including Adobe, Visa, Mastercard, Veeva, Ulta.

This is a list created by the Morgan Stanley bank which seeks to pick stocks based on their ability to grow quickly.

These stocks look like they may be in for some very good gains in 2019 and beyond. Of course there is also a risk that the tech stocks may all drop in tandem like we save earlier this week.

Many of the FAANG stocks which include Google, Amazon and Netflix which are among the top picks made by Morgan Stanley.

So in many ways while it is good news for those invested in these stocks, overall caution is still the name of the game.

Perhaps it is still good to hedge your investment with some safe dividend stocks and futures. Or even diversifying your portfolio with some gold stocks, here’s a list of the top gold stocks to watch.


  1. Morgan Stanley does know what they are talking about it is true.. maybe. I just am not so sure that the 2019 they predict is going to be what actually takes place and happens when all ends. I am of the opinion that GOOGL and AMZN and FB may all crash in stock value next year.


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