Netflix Stock (NFLX) is Still a “Good Buy”, Analyst says


There has been much talk about Netflix these past few weeks with the stock seeing ups and downs like it hasn’t in years.

The NFLX stock, along with all the other FAANG stocks, has fallen to lows unseen by the company this year, wiping out all stock gains and now heading to unknown territory.

Mike Adams a prominent Netflix stock analysts says: “Depsite what we may be seeing in the stock market with NFLX stock this is a long term holding and shareholders should realize that this is a stock that is going to be a long term success.”

He continues: “The managers at the company along with Reed Hastings understand what they are doing with their content purchases which may seem crazy when looked at in a macro way, if you understand the macro vision however you will understand that for Netflix to become like a utility, it must own and control all the best video content”



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