Netflix Increased Revenue yet NFLX Stock Still Down?


Over the last month there have been a lot of movement in stocks that are otherwise performing well, yet still seeing low stock prices.

One such stock is NFLX whereby the Netflix online video streaming service has increased revenues to $14.3 billion last month alone.

They have also procured new content includes Friends as well as much more international content, from Europe for example.

Yet the pattern continues as seems to present a good opportunity for investors to buy in to NFLX and other similar stocks, like Facebook, which has earned good revenues yet suffer with low stock prices regardless.

Some point to overall market sentiment and not the poor performance of these individual companies.

For example if these companies business is fundamentally sound, running well and beating past revenues, and only suffering from bad press, then the stock will likely recover.

Could this be true and is this an excellent time to buy NFLX stock at a deep discount?

Many investors think yes, what do you think?


  1. That is the problem with the stock market today. It just is not reliable to bet on.

    In many ways the market we have been having is too good to be true. It has been the most amazing bull run and I and many others have made a lot of profit.

    Yet I’m calling it a day for now and will wait for the next cycle to start.

    On the defensive now.


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