MetLife Stock (MET) Stable and Ready for Shareholders Meeting in 2019


The board of directors at MetLife (MET) are surely happy with the results the company has achieved this year overall.

Despite a small drop in the stock the prices have been steady and stable overall. Considering many investors saw MET stock dropping quite far this year after it’s problems earlier in the year, the company has recovered well.

The board of directors today announced that it has set the company’s 2019 annual shareholders meeting for June 18, 2019, beginning at 2:30 p.m. (ET) in New York City. The board of directors established April 22, 2019, as the record date for determining shareholders entitled to vote at the meeting.


  1. Good I hope this will motivate the board to somehow increase the value of the stocks because they are not doing such a good job right now – stocks still down.


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