IBM Getting Ready to Buy Redhat Software Company


The $1.8 billion IBM will receive from this sale is small potatoes relative to the size of the Red Hat company deal, but every little bit helps. At the end of the third quarter, IBM’s balance sheet featured $14.7 billion of cash and marketable securities, along with $46.9 billion of debt. Most of that debt is tied to the company’s financing business — only $16.6 billion is nonfinancing debt.

Seven of IBM’s software products will make their way to HCL as part of the deal. These include:

  • Portal — digital experience.
  • Appscan — secure application development.
  • Notes & Domino — email and rapid application development.
  • BigFix — secure device management.
  • Commerce — omnichannel e-commerce.
  • Unica — marketing automation.
  • Connections — workstream collaboration.


  1. Redhat could be the best thing for IBM in a long time. They are a company that needs to arrive in the age of 2019 and not in some old fashioned 1976 movie.

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