Google (GOOGL) Stock Down Over ACCC Australia?


Google has already seen it’s stock (GOOGL) go down this last week and it seems that we could see this trend continuing.

Now with the news that Australia watchdog and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is launching an investigation into Google and Facebook.

This follows more bad news from the week before where Google was down voted in it’s placement of best places to work.

And in fact what’s worse employees complained through letters and threatened lawsuit. As well as some key employees choosing to leave the Google company for good.

One of the factors coming out of the ACCC’s investigation is that it seems Google’s bundling of products as an abuse to monopoly. It seeks for Google to:

Unbundle its Chrome internet browser from mobile phones and other devices.

The question is, how will all this effect Google’s already diminishing stock price? And what can Google do to hold it’s own against Australian authorities.



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