Can Gilead Sciences (GILD) Recover From it’s Continual Loss in Stock Price and Company Value?


With a new CEO coming into the Gilead Sciences company many investors are pinning their hopes on the new chief executive to turn the company’s stock around.

GILD stock has halved since it’s highs in 2015 and has been on a very bump ride, heading downward ever since.

Gilead Sciences has been experimenting with many more different types of drugs for treating a variety of viral diseases as hot and potentially profitable as finding a cure for HIV. In fact Gilead and Aelix join forces to pursue HIV ‘cure’

Many shareholders wish to stop the stock price falling dead in it’s tracks, and there have been some new glimmers of hope for this.

However Gilead Sciences recorded a trading volume of 6,189,932 shares, which as you can see is below their 3 months average volume of 6,925,734 shares.

  • The stock ended the day 0.33% lower at $67.37 on Thursday.
  • The share price has fallen 24.78% from its 52 week high with a 52 week trading range of 64.27 – 89.54.
  • The company’s shares are currently trading below their 200-day moving average.
  • The stock’s 50-day moving average of $69.45 is below its 200-day moving average of $73.06.
  • Shares of the company are trading at a Price to Earnings ratio of 55.89.
  • Shares of Gilead Sciences have fallen roughly 5.03 percent in the past month and are down 5.99 percent year-to-date.

With the new CEO for Gilead Sciences can this be enough to turn the tides? Or will GILD stock continue to fall in value and share prices crushed in the markets?



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