General Electric Struggles to Recover Stock Prices – Selling Off Parts of Company


As everyone knows General Electric has been struggling with their continually declining stock price.

Most predict that GE’s stock price is going down before it ever comes up again. And it looks like even with the help of Larry Culp GE cannot easily recover it’s stock prices, and even with these latest sell offs of parts of their company.

“General Electric Co. said it reached a deal to sell off part of its GE Digital business and set aside the rest in a separate company, as the conglomerate narrows its focus and scales back its software ambitions.”

GE is of course holding onto it’s most important segment, which is their GE aviation. For the company this is the only real winning segment and other segments like power and renewable energy are dragging the stock down still further.

JP Morgan’s Steve Tusa has changed his “sell” rating for GE and share prices are now up by more than 10%


  1. They will continue to lose share value and stock price even with Larry Culp. It has gone too far this time and while all this makes Jack Welch just look so much better in 20 20 hindseight I think that it OVER FOR GE.


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