Who's Afraid of Facebook? New Social Apps Could Chip Away at Facebook's Empire


More recently, media reports have painted a picture of negligence, obfuscation and dysfunction in Facebook’s highest ranks, leading to a growing number of investors calling for radical changes at Facebook. Despite Facebook’s blandly articulated mission of “bringing the world closer together,” for years critics have accused the service of everything from violating children’s privacy to fostering depression. “Looking at Facebook and what it was, it became this vast empty experience of content and advertising, and it’s even more so today,” said Bruce Fikowski, who created a community-based social app called GetAssist that makes revenue by charging for business memberships.


  1. I think that it may be true that new apps may be seen as better and more fun than FB which is a bit old and clunky now.

    LOads slow and is not always a good place to find new stuff. Good job they bought instagram.com really…Edmund Graves


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