Facebook vs Amazon Battle for Market Share in Online Advertising & E-commerce


Facebook is coming into Amazon’s e-commerce market with their new e-commerce pages via the facebook.com website.

Likewise, Amazon is now pursuing Facebook in the advertising market by selling display ads across its e-commerce network, other websites, and hardware devices.

This has been Facebook’s bread and butter for a long time, it is how the company makes money through selling of advertising space. Google is the other company that shares this same business model.

Now it looks like e-commerce monster, Amazon wants to come in on the party to increase revenues for the company.

The rapid growth of that business should make Amazon the third largest online ad platform in America this year, according to eMarketer, as it claims 4.1% of the market.

That’s much lower than Facebook’s projected share of 20.6%, but Amazon’s rapid transformation into an advertising rival remains a major headwind for Facebook. Therefore, Facebook’s moves into the e-commerce market could be considered both offensive and defensive moves against Amazon.


  1. I’m backing Amazon they have one of the best CEOs in the world who is continually chasing up the best opportunities for the AMZN stock. Without Jeff Bezos then yes I don’t, yet I think that Amazon has more changes of taking over Facebook’s and Google’s advertising than they do of entering Amazon’s market.

    Amazon does great in India too!


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