Facebook: Bad News, Lower Stock Prices = Opportunity?


Many are pointing toward the bad news being published about Facebook’s business practices on a nearly daily basis, to be the reason for it’s stock price crash.

Most recently Facebook is being investigated by the ACCC in Australia. Alongside Google who is also being investigated.

Yet this is just the latest in a long strong of accusations against the company for abusing its monopoly and mishandling of private data.

There was just recently a document that was released by the UK Parliament in which revealed how Facebook had been bartering with it’s partners with user data, and going as fat as to track call logs for Android users.

Much of this information came to light through the ongoing lawsuit filed by Six4Three app developer.

Inside detailed how Facebook has been using user data in ways that most users would find highly abusive. Of course Facebook responded to these charges in a statement to give their side of the story.

To add to all this there has been a new survey among Facebook employees that resulted in more than 30% feeling depressed at work. Many say there is a clash between two distinctive cultures, of those who value change and others conservative to Facebook’s beginnings, founders and top executives.

The key question for investors is: the bad news Facebook has been getting, and the resulting lower stock prices, will the price go lower?

Or is this a great time to buy FB stock because these news reports are fleeting at best and the fundamental company is doing well?

Many agree that now could be a great time to buy Facebook stock, what do you think?


  1. It may just. I have been looking at FB stock very seriously it looks like it could be a very very good investment at this price.

    But then I wonder because half of me also expects it to get lower before starting to make an improvement.

    Then again overall, — yes I believe it will be trading 30 to 50% more than it is now within the next 2 to 3 years.


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