Is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg All About Money? And is that not “good” for shareholders?


Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook company (FB) as a whole has received a lot of bad press this year.

Many was on Facebook and privacy, where other companies like Google also got dragged under the bus.

While many business and marketing professionals understand how and why data is used in the way it is, for tech companies that sell advertising.

To the average person the way that Facebook in many ways sells data to advertises to target adverts to specific audiences, does not bode well with the general populous.

What’s worse news reports are surfacing now from back in 2012 that make clear that the CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was very much focused on making money at that time and not much else.

While of course to stock and shareholders this is good news. To the general population it is seen as sly and deceptive.

The issue of course is that Facebook lives and dies off it’s user base. For example, if there is no user base on Facebook, then what value does it have to marketers and companies looking to advertise.

So for Facebook they must first ensure that their service meets with public approval. For this allows for a user base on the site which can be marketed to.

Next as a public company they are sworn to work to increase share value. Which for a platform like Facebook means better and more targeted ads.

In the striving of creating a better platform for marketers, privacy data and terms have changed over time…

And now it seems it is all catching up with them.

So in many ways while the focus on increasing company value and in doing so improving the stock price of FB, it can actually backfire when the core users decide to start using MySpace again… well, not likely.

However it does leave room for a new startup to come up with better privacy control and steal market share away from Facebook.

This is a major concern for investors in FB stock and something which is entirely possible with the negative media that Facebook has been attracting these past months.


  1. errr… ya, course Mark Zuckerberg is about making money. But who says making money for us shareholders is a bad thing. Only problem is when it comes back to bite and changes the sentiment of the userbase.

    Facebook is so dependent on their userbase it is not even funny.

    If they lose their users there is no one for advertisers to sell to which means there is no earnings for the company.


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