Facebook Stock Down After Australia Market Power Investigation


As if Facebook did not have enough to worry about with the news about Sheryl Sandberg and many worst items appearing about Mark Zuckerberg

Now the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) is investigating the company on how they are delivering advertising and news related content.

They join in as the whole world is pointing the dirty finger at Facebook and their privacy policies, and claim:

“The ACCC considers that the strong market position of digital platforms like Google and Facebook justifies a greater level of regulatory oversight”.

The major concerns are said to be the fact that many advertises are using the Facebook.com website as a means of putting out so-called “Fake News” as well as the way advertising works on the site.

While in the grand scheme of things this is the least of Facebook’s concerns right now, what with stock prices dropping off a cliff already.

This news adds to the negative weight against Facebook and leads investors to rethink their long positions.

If FB stock cannot recover quickly many will dump their shares leading to greater losses in share price.

That being said, could this also present a great opportunity to buy into Facebook stock at a deep discounted value?

Many think that the Facebook stock slump is simply bad press, and that it will pass.

If this is true then perhaps Facebook shares are a great buy to make now if they are about to make a big recovery.

Many discuss how the stocks of FB are undervalued right now and are at a good price to start buying. Once the bad news blows over it is true that Facebook stock does look good on many key metrics used to value and long term investment in stock.


  1. they got GOOGL stock to come down too it is so silly that Australian governments think they can come in and impact the US stock market with their investigative agencies


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