How Are Analysts Rating Facebook Stock?


Out of the 49 analysts covering Facebook (FB), 41 analysts have rated the stock a “buy,” while six analysts rated the stock a “hold.” Two of the total analysts have given the stock a “sell” rating. Analysts have set a target price of $194.97 for the stock and a median consensus estimate of $190.00.


  1. I think that FACEBOOK STOCK will continue to fall along wit the FAANG stocks in the coming years. maybe Amazon will continue to do well..

    • maybe short term FB will go down, so will AAPL and maybe even AMZN and Alphabet. Nflx is already well down.

      These faang stoxcks though are very good and will come back with avengence and beat the market again.

  2. TO BUY. that is how. Facebook is now representing a fantastic opportunity for new investors and seasoned veterans alike to buy the stock at a big discount for what it is actually worth. I mean come on it is 30% less than last year and this is a stock to OWN.


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