Can Boeing (BA) Make up for Stock Losses?


With Boeing stock (BA) taking many losses recently in the stock market, can it find it’s way to get the share prices up again?

The aerospace giant has plummeted 8 percent in the past two trading days, pushing the stock into a correction. It is now down more than 10 percent from its 52-week highs.

Looking ahead, Boeing’s fourth quarter revenues are expected to pop 6.3% to hit $26.96 billion.

Plus, the company’s full-year revenues are projected to jump nearly 7% to reach $99.85 billion. Peeking ahead even further, the company’s 2019 revenues are projected to pop 6.25% above our fiscal 2018 estimate.

At the bottom end of the income statement, Boeing’s adjusted Q4 earnings are expected to slip by 6%. Yet, investors should be very pleased to see that the company’s fiscal 2018 earnings are projected to surge 25%. And Boeing’s following fiscal year earnings are expected to climb 20% above our current year projection.


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