Can we Expect Anthem (ANTM) Stock to Keep Growing?


Longer term expectations from the 14 analysts covering ANTM’s stock is one good sentiment by investors.

Given that it becomes hard to forecast far into the future, broker analysts tend to project ahead roughly three years.To reduce the year-on-year volatility of analyst earnings forecast, I’ve inserted a line of best fit through the expected earnings figures to determine the annual growth rate from the slope of the line.

From the current net income level of US$3.8b and the final forecast of US$4.6b by 2021, the annual rate of growth for ANTM’s earnings is 12%. EPS reaches $24.57 in the final year of forecast compared to the current $14.7 EPS today. Margins are currently sitting at 4.3%, approximately the same as previous years.


  1. I think this stock is just getting started in my opinion and will grow a lot over the next few months and years ahead. I am hopeing actually it will double in value.


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