How is Amazon’s (AMZN) Stock Doing Right Now?


AMZN stock has been down of late yet Jeff Bezos and the Amazon team is pushing new front tiers with the launch of their latest Amazon Go retail stores and push into new market segments.

While the stock has been falling it does seem that out of all the FAANG stocks Amazon Inc has the greatest chance of ultimate recovery and to thrive in 2019.

Many point to the likes of AAPL and FB stock to tank in 2019 and do not see such a fast recovery for them.

The FAANG stocks lost a combined $140 billion last Tuesday alone.

Yet Amazon has revenues of $14.53 billion over just this last 30 days and while this does not represent the highest revenues we have seen for similar periods this year, it does show that the company is continuing to make good profit.

Many have cited reasons that with Walmart’s big push online and $500 billion yearly revenues, that Walmart might steal‘s top spot online.

What’s more some point to Amazon’s new Go retail stores to be an ultimate failure, which would likewise cause the stock to fall.

Overall however AMZN stock with it’s revenues, wide profit margins, progressive growth and fast growing services segment, is seen as a good stock to buy and hold long.

The wise investor may wait to see if there is a stabilization in stock price before buying in yet that might also cost you the best time to buy, because right now Amazon stock is trading low.


  1. amazon is a good stock as a futures stock because despite what may or may not be occuring in the economy people are still going to shop at Walmart, fly on United and buy things online with Amazon


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