Amazon Has Big Ambitions in Cashierless Retail, but Can They Be Profitable?


Amazon Go is poised to grow. Amazon’s cashierless convenience stores can be found in three cities in the U.S., but the commerce giant is testing a much larger version of the concept, according to the Wall Street Journal. Just how big are Amazon’s ambitions in cashierless shops?


  1. I think that this could be a very good thing for the company and that with this kind of cashier-less tech they can optimize their costs and increase their profit margins whilst also making it faster and easier for consumers resulting in more overall revenues too!

  2. yes i think this can work very nice for Amazon and be very profitable for the company if they can just keep focused on continiung to AI everything so it all runs auto and without exmployees = better results for consumers, and cheaper costs for company. More profit.


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