Amazon briefly edges out Apple for most valuable company

3 briefly became the most valuable company on Wall Street in intraday trade on Monday, days after Microsoft Corp dethroned long-time leader Apple Inc. Amazon rose by 4.7 percent at one point, putting its market capitalisation at $865.0 billion. At the same time, Apple traded up 2.1 percent, giving it a market capitalisation of $864.8 billion.


  1. Ultimately my bet is that Amazon will become the biggest and most powerful company in the world that is what I think about this situation. I like Apple and Microsoft but I think Amazon will get the largest market share, and Facebook only gets an honerable mention at best.

    • maybe Amazon will come out as top dog but I don’t know when you look at Walmart buying and coming into the ecommerce space in a big way… and $500 billion revenue WOW!

  2. amazon will do the best long term you can just look at walmart and know this because amazon is the new walmart and look how well walmart has done since it’s founding.


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