Alnylam Pharma (ALNY) Settles in Court with Silence Therapeutics (SLN)

photo taken from the street outside the Alnylam Pharma building

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) has resolved all litigation worldwide with Silence Therapeutics (SLN).

Silence sued the company a few months ago aiming to stop it from selling ONPATTRO in the EU.

Under terms of settlement, Silence will receive a low royalty on annual sales of ONPATTRO in the EU only, with tiered royalties of 0.33% to 1% through 2023.

Further terms of the agreement include the grant from Silence to Alnylam of a non-exclusive license to all relevant patents and for all current and future Alnylam products. Such license is fully paid up with no milestones or royalties, except for the limited royalty on ONPATTRO net sales in the EU.

All ongoing court proceedings will be dismissed and each party will bear its own attorney fees and costs incurred in the global proceedings.



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