Can Apple Stock Bounce Back from “Other Products & Services”?


As everyone knows right now the tech stocks, notably the FAANG stocks, have taken a major downturn in the markets over the past few weeks.

Apple stock is no exception and is one of the leading losing stocks in technology.

While some claim that this is the bubble bursting and AAPL stock will now keep falling until it represents only a fraction of it’s share price today.

Others point to the quality and new Apple products that will help the stock recover and bounce back.

One of these products, is of course the Apple iPhone. However this is also a mixed point.

Some bulls are saying that with the iPhone which makes up more than 60% of the revenues of the company, the stock will return to it’s heights again in stock price.

Bears point to the fact that the Apple company is effectively hiding their iPhone sales reports because the iPhone sales are under performing.

Historically the iPhone has been Apple’s lead product and it’s sales internationally have been the surprising benefit.

Many thought that the Chinese market would favor Huawei phones and the Japanese and Koreans Samsung. Yet historically at least this has not been the case with the iPhone selling well in Asia, as it has done in Europe and America.

Now however things seem to have changed.

The iPhone sales are believed to be down. Majorly.

If this is true then it is no wonder the stock is down, among many other factors of course.

The fact is, most investors consider there to be a drop in iPhone sales.

However fortunately Apple is not so much the one product company that so many of it’s critics claim it to be.

There are the services that the Apple company now provides, as well as of course it’s other products like the Macbooks and the iPads.

Services often get overlooked when considering AAPL stock to buy. In many reasons because it is the company’s smallest area.

However – it is also the company’s fastest growing.

Therefore something that investors should look into with more detail because Apple revenues are not just dependent on iPhone sales alone. Although iPhone revenues are key for the company to continue as one of the world’s largest.

Then there is also the other products that Apple puts out. Growth in this area has also been notable with far over 30% more revenue generated from the other products that Apple promotes.

So the question remains can Apple’s stock price mount a recovery and bounce back based on their fast growing services section and “other products” category…

Or does the APPL stock live and die on the iPhone sales revenue?


  1. Apple stock is still bleeding i see and no chance of fully recovering in 2018 i don’t think. will like to see how all these stocks do in the year to come


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