S&P 500 Flat, Dow Jones Down, more Trump News Sways the Market


In stock news, Tuesday was not the day in trading many investors had hoped it would we. President Trump’s meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi seemed to negatively sway market sentiment.

While the S&P 500 saw quite a flat day the Dow Jones ended with a loss. With many more stocks down than rising up again. The NASDAQ saw small gains and the Russell 2000 small losses.

Much of the volatility in the markets seem to be the offshoot of political goings on and bad news in the press.

There was a small increase in share price across the board on news that in the US-China Trade War there are negotiations back on the table.

So far there has been reached and agreement to suspend the tariffs for a 90 day period with a hard deadline of March 1st, 2019.

Many investors still seemed to consider this deadline too short for the United States and China to reach a deal on the trade. In addition China and US relations are made more contentious with Huawei Technologies CFO, Meng Wanzhou, who was being held in Canada, but has just been granted bail.

The Chinese had warned Canada that they would face consequences if they did not release her.

The news that trade talks are continuing has provided some level of confidence that her imprisonment will not impeded continued trade talks between the US and China.

The FAANG stocks did see improvement and it seems Facebook’s share buyback program does seem to have turned the market’s sentiment toward FB stock. Many are calling Facebook a buy right now.

Some of the best performing stocks were the consumer staples stocks that had increases of almost 1%. In this time of market, wise investors tend to hedge their investments towards futures and this is what we have seen today.

Stitch Fix stock is still way down this year and getting worse. It is said that its poor user growth is the basis of the stocks share price falling so dramatically and continuing to do so.


  1. I wish Trump would stop getting in the way of the US markets every time he opens his mouth something upsets the stock market.

    TRUMP: get off twitter and be more of a president that we can rely on to increase the stock market value, not put us in a recession which will takes years to recover from.


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