Volatility in the Markets, Meng Wanzhou Held in Canada, Apple Injunction

  • There is still a lot of volatility in the market especially pointed toward the trade negotiations between Trump and Xi regarding the tariffs.
  • Futures are up after being down yesterday yet still seeing volatility.
  • Meng Wanzhou who was arrested by US authorities in Canada accused of breaking US sanctions on Iran. Reportedly Ms Meng, the Huawei CFO was involved in a cover up over the sale of certain equipment while in Iran.
  • China has warned Canada that is she is not released there will be trouble. It is unclear what is meant specifically yet China has issused a statement that she should be released “or face consequences”.
  • The Chinese ministry has described her arrest as “very nasty”.
  • CNBC has claimed that Qualcomm has won an injunction over the sale of some Apple iPhones by a Chinese court. Apple says that these are false claims.


  1. I do have to wonder about the state of the stock market, It does seem close to crashing.

    If I wake up tomorrow and the dow jones has lost 2000 points I would not be surprised. What is to come next?


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