‘Amazon Go’ Retail Stores, Can Jeff Bezos Really Make it Work?


Rewind ten years and had Jeff Bezos suggested the idea of taking his value internet website, Amazon.com, offline and into retail stores I think he would have been laughed out of town.

Retail as compared to operating an online eCommerce website is completely different and with a whole new level of skills – and more importantly – money.

The cost of retail stores is far more than online websites, services and marketing cost and the idea would have likely failed had it been launched even as late as 2012.

Yet today in 2018 Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and if he says he can do it, we should probably believe him. In any case he definitely has the money to bail out this part of the company if things don’t go as planned.

But what really is the plan with Amazon’s new Go grocery stores and how will it work?

The tagline, “Just Walk Out Shopping” seems to stand in stark contrast to the Amazon websites original mission.

That being said with companies like Oracle, Microsoft and Google diversifying so much it seems them companies may come to dominate every domain and part of our life, so maybe we just need to expect a wider range of offerings from these companies from now on?

For me I love Amazon and think that ultimately with the likes of Jeff Bezos diligently pushing things along, the company will thrive for years and years to come.




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