What is Really Happening With Apple’s Stock?


Many are wondering this week what really is happening with Apple Inc’s stock and why can’t it make a swift recovery?

Many top investors like Carl Icahn have sworn by Apple shares and when asked what Icahn would do if the stock goes down, he says, “If the Apple stocks goes down then that is fine because I will just buy more. Apple is a company that is – long term – only going up so I feel very safe with my Apple shares”

So that is one option to simply load up on Apple and buy more shares of the company, buy in the dip, it is an effective strategy that many investors use to maximize returns.

Others have actually sold at the Apple highs and are looking to buy in again and get far more shares with this clever, albeit risky, method.

But still what is the fundamental reason of Apple’s stock price going down? Is this something that will soon recover or is it a sign of something far more fundamental happening at the company level?

This week we have heard many stories around Apple’s stock and it’s low prices, one thing that has come in on In Stock News is that there have been reports of misconduct in the supply chain.

What this means exactly is unclear but what is clear is stock is down in the dumps while they figure this out.

To make matters worse many people believe that the Apple iPhone sales were very low this year and the company fears releasing them will result in the stock losing more value and possibly even taking a nose dive!

Some are saying that the executives and Tim Cook himself are holding out this information because releasing now would just make matters worse.

All the while new CEO of Microsoft has tripled the company’s stock value since taking the office in 2014. Satya Nadella is described as a “true visionary” while Tim Cook is fast becoming to be seen as a loser. Harsh, maybe? But that is what people are saying on investment forums and all over the Internet, could it be true?



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