Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital Hedge Fund Down 28%


Greenlight Capital hedge fund owned and run by David Einhorn is down again this month of November reporting losses of 28% and leaving his investors unhappy and looking for answers.

One reported that “having been investing with David for so long I have been adamant to stick it out and see if I can make any recoveries on my loses. It just makes me feel so helpless when I can’t do anything and have to watch as my money invested keeps going down and down. We will have to see how Einhorn can turn it around”.

Another of Einhorn’s members of the hedge fund, Sally who has invested her inheritance and incidentally her retirement fund with Greenlight, tells another story completely.

You have to roll with it. David is a value investor and so you can’t judge his results moment to moment or even month to month, You need to stick with him through the long haul and he always gets great results in the long run. I’m team David!

So it seems Einhorn has both skeptics and supports within his hedge fund and we will have to see if he truly can turn it around, his fund depends on it.



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