What’s Happening In Stock News: 1st of December, 2018


In Stock News:

  • Apple and other FAANG stocks are down, but how far will they go?
  • Jack Dorsey seems to be the only one of the tech stocks seemingly hitting a bull run while the rest of the technology market stumbles and loses value.
  • Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, is heralded as a visionary while Tim Cook languishes and faces problem after problem leading Apple.
  • Jess Bezos is taking Amazon off-line and into retail stores around the world with Amazon Go!

Overall at current we are not entering a bear market yet, not a full on one in any case. Many fear recession yet the markets hold and after the small dip in stocks they have been gaining again and making up for last weeks loses.

We will have to see how the market goes from here!



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