Young People: Why You Should Start Investing For Retirement Now

The best time to start saving and investing for your retirement is right now. Are you learning everything you can about how to invest in stocks so you will be ready for a comfortable retirement?

Many young people think that investing is something they can do when they’re older, when they’re retirement planning some time in the future. Something that can be put off until later in life…

Yet what many young people don’t know – and often only suddenly discover with a rude awakening in their late forties and fifties – is that nowadays you must save and invest if you want to retire at all.

Pension funds all over the world are fast becoming insolvent. Which means that if you are depending on a pension for your retirement fund, think again.

The companies who put out these retirement plans know full well that they cannot work. It is just basic math.

It used to be a case that people would retire, live for five or so years more and then to put it bluntly, die and that would be the end of the funding.

However with modern medicine and higher standards of living people are not living much longer. There are more people than ever that are needing to be supported by these pensions and retirement schemes and they simply cannot last.

Which means, it’s down to us.

All of us must be saving and investing for our retirement now, so we can retire and live comfortably later on.

So if you have not started saving and investing – then let this be the wake up call.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you can’t make the investments necessary for a good life. And hey, get it right and retire early. I know plenty of people who have made enough to retire in their thirties.

Yet regardless of whether you are looking to retire young or are happy working until a normal retirement age, there is one thing which should be infinitely clear:

You Must Start Saving and Investing for Retirement Today.

Not tomorrow. Not the day after.


Now I don’t mean you should run over to the stock market and dump your hard earned life savings in some stocks and hope for the best. However, you should start the process that will result in safe annual returns from your investment portfolio.

And before doing anything at all. Start by learning how to invest, how to save money and what the best options are for building out a safe and diversified portfolio.

When you understand the different investments and financial instruments available to you, the risks and benefits associated to them, begin to slowly but surely invest your money.

Perhaps when you first start out you can’t be making annual returns of 10% or higher, yet those kinds of returns are entirely possibly. There are many people who make as much as 25% per year with deep value investing, REITs and even precious metals making their portfolios very safe too.

And these are the kinds of things you can learn right here on our website.

If you are new to investing then start by reading this guide to start investing for beginners with little money. It is a great starting point and contains the basics you need to know to start buying stocks and making a profit through dividends and capital gains.

After that keep returning to this site for updated content and articles about investing for your retirement and things you should start doing now to ensure your future is secure.


  1. I am so motivated now after reading this I did not plan to look into my finances in this kind of detail and start investing to increase my net worth until much older. I am a young guy and think that after reading this the best thing for me to do is focus on my investment strategies and what I can now do to make more money, save it in a way where my lifestyle is still good and invest all the rest! So excite 🙂

  2. I want to learn how to invest my savings for retirement, I am a little older and feel I may have missed my chance because I saw that if you start investing young then you can make more through compound interest :/

  3. wish i been reading more when I was younger but now I am starting to invest and learn everything i can as fast as i can and hope to find some good investments. seems like now is not the best time to invest though and before was a little better. still hope to find some companies trading at a discount., Maybe get in on Twitter stock!

  4. thank you! This is just what I needed to see at my age I though I was too young but now I know you can’t be too young to start saving and investing any money you have!


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