Farm Credit Canada Loan to Organigram Holdings Inc – Greg Engel


Farm Credit Canada has officially loaned $10 million dollars for the growth of Organigram Holdings Inc, a cannabis company looking to capitalize on legal marijuana.

Greg Engel, the CEO of Organigram Holdings Inc says…

“Organigram is wholly committed to meeting the significant and growing demand for high quality cannabis across Canada and standing ready to take on new opportunities around the world.”

Many are hopeful that Greg Engel and company can deliver on their brave promises of producing the highest grade cannabis and providing distribution at affordable prices.

He goes on to say…

“We are very proud to be investing once again in our state-of-the-art facility located here in Moncton, New Brunswick , increasing our production capacity and fostering cannabis growth expertise”.

The loaned money is for the expansion of facilities to allow for the better production of their marijuana.

Greg Engel tells us that…

“The expansion of our facility represents the exceptional reputation of our team and products in the industry and among customers, and a focused strategic plan to ensure our continued global leadership”

And that…

“This increase in target production capacity further demonstrates Organigram’s commitment and ability to support its partners and the growing demand across Canada for high quality adult recreational and medical products”.

Greg Engel and the Organigram Holdings Inc are interested in both recreational and medical use of marijuana.

In the video above Greg talks about medical marijuana and how he sees the future of the market to be.



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