WeedPass.com Sold to MassRoots, Inc.


The marijuana industry in 2015 contained a lot of speculation as can be seen by the inflated stock prices at that time.

However here and now in 2018 fast approaching 2019 the landscape has shifted and marijuana stocks are likely more fairly priced and growing at good rate.

One of the companies in the cannabis market MassRoots, Inc just acquired the domain name WeedPass.com. The domain is to be used for to locate cannabis dispensaries that are taking part it what is being called WeedPassTM Rewards Program.

The idea is a way for consumers to locate a dispensary near them where they can legally purchase marijuana products.

Still in it’s infancy stages the MassRoots company is launching an influence campaign to promote the new web service.


  1. it’s a good domain but they still need to now start using it to properly setup a reward program or whatever specifically they will be using it to promote the sale of more marijuana. One thing that I see in the weed business is that while companies like CRONOS can produce a lot of weed they can’t sell a lot of weed.


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