2 Fast Growing Small to Mid Cap Marijuana Stocks to Invest in


The marijuana industry is growing fast and building moment. For investors who want to get in on the action and earn profits from the market they should act fast and consider investing in small to mid-cap marijuana companies.

One of these such companies is CannaRoyalty which many are recommending as a top “pot stock” to invest in, up 28% this year and growing fast.

The company has very good management and CEO set on dominating major profitable cannabis markets, like California.

Another top marijuana stock to invest in is GTEC Holdings.

GTEC Holdings, Inc. is one of the smaller companies in the market, but in no way should they be overlooked for their size.

Likewise the CEO and founder of the company is motivated and passionate about his vision for the company and cultivating the highest quality of cannabis.

So while it may be one of the smaller cannabis companies it’s solid system of growing indoor cannabis plants and outputting the highest quality of marijuana product, puts it on the road to growth in the company and higher stock prices as a result.



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