Biome Grow Inc’s Provincial Supply Agreement Grows Marijuana Stocks


With the news that Biome Grow Inc. has now signed a provincial supply agreement it provides investors an opportunity to get in on the growth of the company and many more marijuana businesses like it Companies like Biome Grow and Cronos Group, which recently received $1.8 billion investment capital from Altria, makes way for new investments to flourish in this budding market.

Biome Grow Inc. represents a compelling investment opportunity in the Canadian and global cannabis industry.

Now that Canada has legalized marijuana both recreationally and medically it offers new and exciting investment opportunities that allow investors to get in on the ground floor.

What is more with “big tobacco” companies like Altria, which is the parent company of Philip Morris tobacco, it demonstrates that the cannabis market is attracting large scale investors.

With its new provincial supply agreement in place, the company is well positioned to significantly grow its revenue in 2020 and beyond, while simultaneously advancing projects across its other four subsidiaries.

With new supply agreements being signed and major big tobacco companies finally getting involved with marijuana, it is likely this is an industry that will see massive growth in share value over the coming months and years ahead.


  1. Biome Grow is a stock i am watching am may invest into all i hear now is good news while before it was bad news for gthe new company


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