Latest Oil Prices Forecast New Lows on Crude

New lows on oil prices and forecast predicts the prices will go lower


Oil prices are down by as much as (31%), the lowest prices on oil in 4 consecutive years.

The new forecast just in predicts oil may go far lower and Trump is pushing to keep this happening…

The world does not need higher oil prices!

Trump continues to push OPEC (The “Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries”) to keep the prices of crude down.

It’s also reported that “WTI Crude prices dangerously close to the wellhead breakeven prices in many U.S. shale areas”.

As prices fall for oil analysts say the lower prices reduce drilling and less investment as oil reaches a close to break even point.

Karr Ingham a crude oil and natural gas economist says

OPEC won’t get a production decline.

While Trump and the general population might like to keep the price of oil down, it does not bode well for the oil stocks with as high as 80% of US shale companies reporting losses on product.
Russia’s mounting influence on Saudi Arabia in the oil market
While many report that oil prices will slow production others report that the oil prices are not low enough and production of crude will continue undeterred.
Bloomberg reports more oil losses after OPEC meeting ended with no deal made. 

More of the latest news on Oil stock prices as they come in, Victoria Rothstein reports:


  1. the oil prices have been going crazy they were up so much and I read that airplane flights were paying 40% more on fuel this year than they were the same time last year. Then suddenly with OPEC the oil prices are way down and falling all the time. I wonder how low oil will go?

  2. I have been following the oil news quite closely and I can tell you that oil is looking to drop a good few more points per barrel. It has been up very high this year of 2018 as high as $71.2 per barrel!

    While for 2015, 2016 and 2017 the price per barrel of oil was only around $50. So you can see the price went very far up this year on crude. Not so much over the past few years where the price was only about fifty dollars.


  3. I have been watching my commodities and oil has been coming up as a big RED. I think that we could see the prices of oil drop below the $50 dollar mark which is kind of the industry setpoint for oil.

  4. Don’t forget that oil has been trading very high this year but was not always the case the pricing has increased and the tariff also had effect on these said pricing. Will look more into it but think oil will crash now for certain.

    • Trump is actually pushing the oil prices down, it’s bad for investors in the commodity but it is very good for the United States government and businesses that depend of oil and jet fuel for airlines and oil used to ship goods. The price of oil has a major effect on businesses.

  5. So what do you think the crude oil price will be in dollar value per barrel? It was up over $75 last year 2017 and this year 2018 so how much more or less do you think the final oil price will be?


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